Meet our buzzing Teachers!

Teacher Lara

English Teacher
Meet our lovable teacher, who brings boundless creativity and fun to every lesson, making learning a joy for all ages.

Teacher Clarissa

English Teacher
Say hello to our dedicated and loveable teacher, whose vibrant personality and creative teaching methods ensure that every lesson is filled with fun and excitement for students of all ages.

Teacher Chantelle

English Teacher
Get ready to learn with our fun-loving teacher, whose energetic approach and creative activities make every class a memorable adventure for students of all ages.

Teacher Annie

French Teacher
Meet our hardworking teacher, known for her creative teaching methods that transforms even the most challenging subjects into enjoyable learning experiences for everyone.

Teacher Jacob

English Teacher
Discover the joy of learning with our creative teacher, whose innovative teaching methods and fun-filled lessons inspire students to reach new heights.

Teacher Carla

English Teacher
Join our lovable teacher, whose fun and creative teaching style captivates students of all ages, making education an exciting journey for all.

Teacher  Bjorn

English Teacher
Embrace the excitement of education with our fun-loving teacher, whose hard work and creativity create an engaging learning environment for learners of all ages.

Teacher Anika

English Teacher
Experience the magic of learning with our lovable and hardworking teacher, who infuses every lesson with creativity and fun, ensuring that students of all ages are eager to explore and discover.

Teacher Lisa

English Teacher
Step into the classroom with our dedicated teacher, whose love for teaching shines through in her fun, creative and enjoyable lessons tailored for learners of all ages.

Teacher Wendy

English Business Teacher
Meet our enthusiastic teacher, whose hard work and passion for education bring a sense of joy and creativity to every learning experience, catering to students of all ages.

Teacher Lorraine

IELTS Teacher
Say hello to our vibrant teacher, whose commitment to fostering a love for learning through innovative and fun teaching methods benefits learners of every age group.

Teacher Jamaine

English Teacher
Introducing our amazing and dedicated teacher, whose loveable personality and vibrant, creative teaching style ensure that every class is filled with fun and excitement for learners of all ages. 

Meet our buzzing team!

Wendy Foiret8

Director of Finance & Administration

Meet Wendy, the visionary founder of our school.  With a heartfelt vision, she turned her dream into reality. Her determination and passion created a nurturing environment where students flourish. Wendy's leadership inspires us all, shaping a brighter future for young minds.

Jamaine Bal8

Director of  Creative Design

Meet Jamaine, a beacon of love, care and creativity, who cares deeply for the people around her.  With her creative teaching style, she inspires curiosity and fosters a sense of belonging in the classroom. Jamaine's warmth and dedication help students grow into confident and compassionate individuals, ready to take on the world!