English Classes

English lessons to suite everyone's needs from level 1 to level 6

Level 1- Level 6

These are our Level 1 to Level 6 packages where learning English is as fun as buzzing around in a field of flowers! Our lesson packages are designed to make English learning engaging, interactive, and enjoyable for learners of all ages and levels. With our 52-lesson package in each level, students will embark on an exciting journey of language discovery, with each lesson lasting 30 minutes. These lessons are scheduled twice a week, allowing for consistent progress and ample practice time between lessons. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all essential language skills, including grammar, speaking, listening, and reading. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an advanced learner aiming to refine your language skills, our lessons cater to your individual needs and goals.
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Package options per level

One on One Lessons

Total of 52 Lessons
30 minutes each Lesson
One student per Class

$ 572 USD

Group Lessons

Total of 52 Lessons
30 minutes each Lesson
2 - 4  Students per Class

$ 390 USD per student

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