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Business English lessons

Business English Classes

1 - Basic Business Course
Join our Basic Business Course comprising of 20 x 45 minute lessons where you'll master essential skills for professional interactions. Learn to greet and introduce yourself confidently, expand your business vocabulary and terminology, delve into phrasal verbs relevant to business contexts, and refine your grammar and written communication.

2 - Comprehensive Business Course
For a more comprehensive approach, our English Business Course extends to 40 x 45 minute lessons , covering a range of modules to equip you for diverse business scenarios. From honing writing skills and verbal communication to understanding cross-cultural differences and mastering negotiation tactics, each module provides practical insights and hands-on exercises. Elevate your professional presence with lessons on networking, ethics, and impactful presentations. Cap off your learning journey with a business writing project and final assessment, ensuring you're equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive in today's global business landscape.
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Package Options

Package 1

Package include 20 classes
20 x 45 minute lessons

$ 300 USD

Package 2

Package include 40 classes
40 x 45 minute lessons

$ 600 USD

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